The journey begins in 2006 when Scott Free, after serving urban communities in Atlanta for 6 years, felt led to start a ministry called  ‘Freestyle Missions’ for the purpose of sharing the Gospel through community service and hip-hop.  From 2006-2009, Freestyle Missions hosted regular outreach events and block parties in Atlanta during which many were saved.  At these events people were always asking for a place to belong that was like the ministry they were exposed to, wanting to join the ‘Freestyle’ hip-hop church. Because of the mounting interest and need to point people to a consistent gathering place, starting in 2010 Freestyle Missions began to host a monthly hip-hop service in Atlanta called ‘The City Takers Experience.’ This monthly event, featuring a church service inside of a hip-hop concert, now draws a monthly attendance of 200-600 people.


Today, due to the popularity of the monthly event, Freestyle Missions has become ‘City Takers’ and hosts 3-5 programs a week fueled by 50 leaders and over a hundred volunteers. The outreach, events, music and FM radio show have grown the humble mission to a movement that garners national attention and is sought after for consultation, internships and event hosting/production.  At the heart of it all is an urban community driven by compassion to see people experience Jesus and be moved to impact their city with hope, truth and love.




For the last 8 years City Takers has shared, borrowed and leased space for its events, meetings and trainings.  The ministry lacks a consistent known place for people to come together on a regular basis.   As the ministry continues to grow and more people decide to follow Jesus and to serve with City Takers, the need for discipleship on a larger scale continues to grow as well.  New converts and members are seeking a place to belong to and learn from on a regular basis.  


City Takers has become a home for many who have felt marginalized by traditional church and those who love to see urban arts used in the presentation and practice of Christianity. There is a need for an urban center that cultivates this growing community.  




After a season of prayer and seeking guidance from the Lord, Scott Free and his wife confirmed the call to provide a home for those who attend City Taker events but are not connected to a church by planting a church! There has always been the need to point people to a nucleus where they can follow-up interest, join, grow and receive additional help and services.


With the growth of City Takers, discipleship has been difficult to scale to large groups such as the hundreds we work with today. A weekly gathering will provide the discipleship, belonging and community our members long for and a base to train and propel more City Takers to reach the city through outreach and evangelism.




After 12 years of providing consistent service and evangelism in Atlanta, it is time to keep momentum and sustain growth by adding a weekly service.  For the last 20 years, Crossover Church in Tampa, FL has been a model for urban church ministry.  CityTakers and Crossover Church have a long relationship and share core DNA and values when it comes to urban ministry, outreach, excellence and the arts.  Crossover Church has agreed to share their resources, knowledge and experience with CityTakers in order to plant Crossover Church ATL using their proven systems and approaches to urban church planting.




Starting July 2019, CityTakers began weekly services for Crossover Church ATL, our new inner city church plant.  We host church services on the campus of our new headquarters on the westside of Atlanta located at 1300 Joseph E. Boone Blvd. Atlanta, 30314. Both campus and online services are held on Sundays at 10:45 am. We also host a midweek study online on Wednesdays at 8pm. We are a missional church with a presence in our community and a heart for the marginalized.

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