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Upcoming events:

1. Youth Ski Invasion- This week! March 4th- 6th we will be taking the youth on a Ski Trip! The cost is $300 but the church is paying for half! So students can go for $150 which includes travel, room, food and skiing. Click the title to sign up!

2. Choir Sign Ups- If you are a singer, instrumentalist or rapper and are interested in being apart of the Crossover choir, go to the connections table after church on Sunday!

3. Invasion Tour - Wednesday, March 10th. City Takers is hosting the Invasion Tour with 1k Pson, Steven Malcolm, 1k Phew, Miles Minnick and more! Come join us at the CT HQ (1300 Joseph E. Boone Blvd. Atlanta GA 30314).

4. Easter Sunday - Sunday April 4th. We will be having a special Easter production followed by baptisms and a block party where we will have food, ice cream, music and an Easter egg hunt for the kids! Join us at 1300 Joseph E. Boone Blvd. Atlanta GA 30314 at 10:45 a.m!


This past Sunday we swapped pastors with Crossover Church 813! We sent Pastor Scott and Tami down to Tampa Bay, FL to preach at Crossover 813 and they sent Pastor Tommy and his family to us here in ATL. We had a great time of worship and fellowship with our Crossover Tampa fam!

1 Word of Encouragement

This past Sunday, Pastor Tommy continued the sermon series on "Advancement" and advancing Spiritually. Let's remember that there is no OPPOSITION without OPPORTUNITY.

Take time to review and read Nehemiah 4 this week.

Remember to stay connected and reach out to someone today! It is a hard time in the lives of many & staying connected is vital for each and every one of us.



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(We pray every day over each prayer request sent in!)


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