It's time to come HOME. Together, WE are the church and where 2 or 3 are gathered in his name there he will be also, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

Here's the 411

Upcoming events:

1. Fresh Food Friday - Every Friday, from 3pm - 7pm we package groceries and deliver them to our community. We need volunteers each hour to help us prepare and deliver food as we love on our neighbors. The connections and dependance of this mission are essential to those in need. Please meet us at our new loading location, 2319 Defoor Hills Rd NW Atlanta GA 30318 to volunteer. Come out and make a difference.

2. Warm Atlanta Drive - We are now collecting coats, hats, gloves, and socks for our friends on the street. This drive will continue through January and be distributed on January 22nd between 12pm and 2pm. Do your part and help us love our city with providing supplies and lending a helping hand to distribute on the 22nd. This is a very important drive to keep our friends that live on the street warm. We appreciate anything you can do.

3. 30 in 30 Campaign - Be a partner. We need 30 new partners in 30 days to invest in what God is doing in the inter-city of Atlanta. City Takers is raising Urban Missionaries to transform cities with Hip-Hop, Love and Jesus. God has us in a season of multiplication: multiplying Impact, multiplying Leaders and multiplying the Kingdom right here in the City. Please click the link for more information

4. 21 Day Fast - Please join us on January 2, in this time of spiritual refreshing as we fast for 21 days and replace whatever you're fasting with Jesus' time (reading, praying, ministering). Information and daily devotionals for the fast can be found on


Our amazing youth group "Greater Than" was excited to be back for the first session in 2022. They celebrated the strength it took to successfully get through 2021 and focused on their future vision. The students were introduced to Habakkuk 2:2; write a vision and make it plain. They completed vision boards and discussed their future dreams, while being encouraged by their leaders to believe in themselves. The leaders discussed the importance of staying focused, praying and believing in God's word and plan he has for their lives. One student said, "I've never done anything like this before, but writing it down just made it feel real, real to me."

1 Word of Encouragement

Sunday Pastor Scott's message was about "Home". He spoke on 3 great homes referenced in the Bible, " A great Church home", "A great Christian home" and "A great Heavenly home". He reminded us of what home means and how essential it is for our life. At Home we find Love, Safety, Provision, Grace, Peace and Value. Home is a place where we gather, except others, help, draw strength and bear burdens of our family. He reminded us of the power in unity and shining our light everywhere we go. Our light will draw people Home, our light will show how God can take a Home of imperfect people and make it a house of Redemption, Restoration and Joy. People are dying around us every day and we hold the key to eternal life. 2022 is Harvest time and we are multiplying disciples to go out in the deep. Lives are depending on us. Activate! Its time for them to come home.



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