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Upcoming events:

1. Happy New Year - We are in the season of Multiplication, addition to the Kingdom of God. Please join us for the first Sunday of 2022 as we worship an amazing God and Love on each other. We are ready to be refreshed as we walk into this new year with grace and hope. We look forward to starting the year with each of you.

2. Warm Atlanta Drive - We are now collecting coats, hats, gloves, and socks for our friends on the street. This drive will continue through January and be distributed on January 22nd between 12pm and 2pm. Do your part and help us love of our city with providing supplies and lending a helping hand to distribute on the 22nd. This is a very important drive to keep our friends that live on the streets keep warm. We appreciate anything you can do.

3. 30 in 30 Campaign - Be a partner. We need 30 new partners in 30 days to invest in what God is doing in the inter-city of Atlanta. CityTakers is raising Urban Missionaries to transform cities with Hip-Hop, Love and Jesus. God has us in a season of multiplication: multiplying Impact, multiplying Leaders and multiplying the Kingdom right here in the City. Please click the link for more information

4. 21 Day Fast - Please join us on January 1, in this time of spiritual refreshing as we fast for 21 days and replace whatever you're fasting with Jesus' time (reading, praying, ministering). Information and daily devotionals for the fast can be found on


Not just a Sunday Church. Monday, we served a hot meal, played games and enjoyed a word of encouragement by Pastor Tami Free @ Safe House in downtown ATL. Our friends on the streets enjoyed celebrating the end of 2021 together and gained high hopes for the year to come. They reflected on God's Love and protection in all situations, knowing that all things are possible through their faith in him.

1 Word of Encouragement

This past Sunday Pastor Scott had a panel of guest (ministers of the Gospel) grace the stage and reflect on a rough experience (season) that has happened this year, how God got them through it and how they grew from it. We were all blessed by their transparency. The key messages they left were (1) God's throne doesn't shake when things happen- He holds the plans, (2) When God says move, He will make provisions (3) Everything in God's timing-if you step out on faith, He will make a way and (4) Our circumstances doesn't determine his goodness- Sometimes God has to move stuff for us to depend on him and see him clearly. Pastor Scott asked that we reflect on seeing God's hand in our lives, the Moves, the Blocks and the Push. We Grow as we Go.



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