Is CityTakers going away? Will it merge with Crossover Church?

A: No.  City Takers will continue to operate as a parachurch ministry and be the evangelistic arm of ‘The Church.’  City Takers has always worked to be the bridge that connects people to a church, the only difference now is that there is a church that looks and feels like City Takers to bridge people to.  City Takers will continue to work with all churches and welcome volunteers from all churches to continue the programs and events it currently hosts in the city.  The church allows CityTakers to train more people to go out and do the work of City Takers at an even larger scale.


Why Crossover Church ATL and not City Takers Church?

A:  It is important to us that City Takers remain an outreach organization that is an umbrella under which many churches, organizations and individuals serve under and with.  City Takers has always been meant to be the church outside the building working with many churched and unchurched to serve the city.  We want to create distinction between the weekly church service and City Takers outreach events.  Therefore, an individual can continue to serve with City Takers and/or be a City Takers leader and not belong to Crossover Church ATL.  For over 10 years we have enjoyed being connective tissue in the city for outreach and hip-hop collaboration and do not want to create the slightest appearance of division or competition among churches or our members who belong to churches.  The majority of Crossover ATL attendees are new Christians, the unchurched and those who currently lack a church home.



A: Yes. We are following CDC guidelines and host an on campus service at 1300 Joseph E. Boone Atlanta, 30314 on Sundays. We also host 2 online services on Sunday at 12:30pm & 10:00pm.


Will Crossover Church ATL be a hip-hop church?

A:  Worship and services will incorporate some hip-hop and have an urban influence.  Music and style will be diverse, just like our members.  We strive to continue a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-class congregation that reflects the diversity of our urban community.


What IS a Sunday service like?

A: We host a live worship experience that features a band, DJ and the urban arts. Our pastors share messages from the Bible that are engaging and applicable to real life. We have children’s classes for infants up to middle school.  Service is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.


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